• cap-15
    Entrance hall, casa Ira Furstenberg, Roma
  • cap-24
    Pergola, Villa La Basiliola, Capri
  • cap-35
    Salone Palazzo Taverna, Roma
  • cap-39
    Summer living, Perth, Australia
  • hong-kong
    Salone, Casa Azar Hong Kong
  • pal-taverna
    Salone Palazzo Taverna, Roma

Established in 1965, allied and at the crossroads, open to all the most valid trends in art.
Throughout the years it has known how to integrate contemporary art with interior architectural design, creating spaces of renowned prestige.
The frequent visits of numerous artist friends, stimulated the creativity and the good taste of Annalaura Angeletti and her team, articulating the architectural projects towards the most prestigious spheres.